Welcome Back!

You found us! Sorry if we missed you! So many things have been happening... exploring the remains of a long lost artificers laboratory, investigating the lovely new neighborhood cult, tempting fate, dodging asteroids, flipping cards, and rolling dice. It HAS been the most interesting year.

Scorched Dice is a group of folks who love tabletop role playing games. We banded together to start a community that enjoys not only dungeons and dragons, but all tabletop games. Introducing players to new games, writing content, building assets for games that might not have any, and above all loving and supporting each other in and out of game is what we're all about! We would love to see you on our discord or in our games, so grab a hammer - the forge is getting hot!

Current Games

It's been a long year, with COVID-19, a cross country move, and a brand new job! However, we're ramping up in the new year, and planning all sorts of awesome new games!

I'm super excited to share these games with all of you, so please give us look, and stay tuned for 2021 to have a lot of epic new content!

Thank you all, and stay safe!!